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Signature Creations Caterers


Signature Creations Caterers is New Jersey’s finest off premises caterer, providing fine quality Kosher catering as well as traditional fine cuisine catering. As a preferred caterer and kosher caterer at over 80 Synagogues, Hotels, Country Clubs and Event Venues in the State, Signature Creations is widely recognized for its quality, innovative menus and adherence to details and presentation.

From an elegant wedding or traditional Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bris or Kiddush to a fabulous Company Office Party or Corporate Event, Signature Creations will deliver a memorable event.

My Signature is on every Event.

Throughout our site, you will see menus from many of our events, photographs of the venues and thematic nights and affairs that we have organized and references and testimonials that include many of New Jersey premier corporations, celebrities, political figures and dozens of New Jersey and New York families. Our kosher and fine catering experience and reputation has generated much media interest, from local and industry papers to a recent articles in Nov./Dec. 2006 Brides Magazine and Sept./Oct. 2004 Brides Magazine.

We have built our reputation and success upon a solid foundation:

The Finest Food and Ingredients
An Experienced and Professional Staff
An Elegant and Tasteful Presentation
This is all guaranteed by my Signature being on every event.


For more information or questions about NJ Catering, Kosher Catering in New Jersey
and Kosher catering and traditional fine catering across the Tri-State area,
or to set up an appointment,
please call me at (330) 633-0524 or by e-mail by


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